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Oct 9, 2012 9:00pm PDT
-old jessica garcia this afternoon. she was hurt but she was conscious. jessicauffere brokenip and brok thig bone. she w airifte o of augged aan southn yosete. bgaishe s aler a intablondition. garcboss repted he ssing after she faed to show up to work on sunday. she should be okay. >>> well can i have kind of rescue mission. tourist at san francisco pier 39 got to see something they did not expect. it was dramatic rescue of an injured sea lyon spotted on the dock with something tightly wrapped around the neck. team from marine mammal center spotted but couldn't help it until they shot witness a tranquilizer to slow it down some. then they sneaked up on it and got it with a net. the thing that was on the neck was a plastic box strap. >> if those get that the ocean without being open and still a complete ring they are deadly. because these guys are real curious they will lack at it and nose it then get it on like a collar. >>porter: the danger is ey can oke tdeath on the straps ocourse. ea lyon evaluate few dayby vetat the marine mammal center before released back out to sea. >>> well,
Oct 11, 2012 9:00pm PDT
morales daughter jessica was killed in the fire. >> going behind closed doors. haas is not acceptable. >>reporter: commission president michael blasted back. >> i do think that all of you who are connected to or care about san bruno deserving of a comment by me and i'll give it to you right now. >>reporter: he said he thinks the delay is misunderstood. that all the facts have already come out in a damping cpuc report and any proposed settlement would indeed have a public hearing. >> justice might be done in this case 6 months sooner than it would be otherwise. then the engineers and safety professionals in those hearing rooms now consumed with this can go back in the field and focus on safety. >>reporter: morales would rather have the cross examination. >> part of the healing process is seeing justice. that's part of the healing process. and having everything, all information up front so that we all can make our own determination. >>reporter: administrative law judge will decide any day now whether to resume the hearings medley or let pg&e and the cpuc focus solely on penalty ta
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2